Terms of Business


 Terms of Business

  • The Client (Owner) is solely responsible for all damage or harm caused by their dogs whilst attending services or using services at Happy Dogs Forever and agrees to indemnify Happy Dogs Forever (business) and its employees in full against any liability arising from such harm or damage to third parties.
  • The client agrees that, in the provision of services by Happy Dogs Forever, Happy Dogs Forever has relied on the clients representation that their dog is in good health and has not harmed or shown aggression or threatening behaviour towards any person or any other dog.
  • All dogs will be subject to initial assessment by Happy Dogs Forever staff prior to accessing provided services and Happy Dogs reserves the right to refuse or terminate service provision at any time.
  • The client agrees to notify Happy Dogs Forever immediately or any behaviour demonstrated by their dog/s to be, or have potential to be harmful to any person, dog or other animal.
  • Happy Dogs Forever offer services where dogs co-mingle in groups and the client accepts that during such sessions dogs may sustain injuries. Socialising dogs in groups will be monitored to prevent/limit injury, however despite appropriate supervision injuries can occur. The client is solely responsible for the treatment and associated expenses of all sustained injuries.
  • The client is responsible for the full cost of treatment of injuries or illness whilst present at Happy Dogs Forever, together with any associated costs such as call out charges. The client authorises Happy Dogs Forever to seek such Veterinary advice/treatment as Happy Dogs Forever deem necessary: Where possible Veterinary treatment will be accessed from the clients usual Vet, however this cannot be guaranteed (in emergency situations) and the client agrees that Happy Dogs Forever may at their discretion use any registered veterinary Surgery. The client agrees to pay in FULL all costs immediately upon collection of their dog or as agreed with the veterinary Surgery.
  • The client accepts that all required fees for a service will be paid upon arrival of that service.
  • The client accepts that despite responsible ownership communicable diseases manifest within dog communities. The risk of transmission of communicable disease is increased with gatherings and contact with multiple dogs. The client agrees to take all reasonable precautions to ensure their dog is free from contagious, infectious or otherwise communicable diseases. The client further agrees to notify Happy Dogs Forever of any infectious/contagious or communicable diseases/conditions their dog has been exposed to or is affected by IMMEDIATELY. Such diseases and conditions include, but are not limited to  Distemper, Hepatitis, Kennel Cough (Bordetella), Parvovirus, Corona Virus, Worms, Lyme Disease, Fleas, Ticks, Pregnancy, Infectious Skin Diseases and Internal Parasites. Happy Dogs Forever reserves the right to refuse admission to any dog it believes to showing symptom or has had exposure to any condition until Veterinary advice deems a return is suitable.
  • The client consents to photographs, video to use in social media and advertising without prior approval. All such media shall remain the property of Happy Dogs Forever.
  • The client agrees that Happy Dogs Forever is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damage to their dog’s equipment, (leads, collars, harnesses etc) and all clients personal affects whilst at Happy Dogs Forever services or premises.
  • Happy Dogs Forever will retain and store your records in a secure location and will only use your information for the purposes of Happy Dogs Forever business. 
  • Happy Dogs Forever does hold current Insurance to provide Dog Training services and has valid public liability Insurance for the purpose of its business.
  • For Insurance, Fire and Health and Safety Purposes all Clients/customers will sign IN and OUT on arrival and departure or services. In signing on arrival they acknowledge they will abide by the terms and conditions of services provided.
  • The client accepts that attendance of a dog training class, workshop and environment is not without risk to themselves, family, dog and guests who may attend.
  • The client accepts and understands that the degree to which a dog is successfully trained is a function the interest, commitment and co-operation of the owner as well as genetic, historic and breeds factors. Whilst Happy Dogs Forever remains committed to achieving training goals there are no guarantees that a dog will achieve the desired level of training despite the best efforts of the instructor.


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