Rally Obedience

For dogs over 6 months old who have achieved bronze level good citizen award or equivalent experience

Saturday 3pm £15 per session

Rally is a competitive dog sport where you work around an obedience course.

Throughout the course you’ll complete various obedience exercises displayed on signs.

In class we mostly train for fun and because Rally is a brilliant way to get your dog’s brain working. Rally has helped many dogs get through the difficult adolescent phase and is a brilliant combination of active and brain training.

There are 3 main types of exercises: movement, static and activity.

Moving activities are about your dog walking at a consistent pace with the handler and at a consistent distance from the handler. Which is a really faffy way of saying heelwork! Some of the heelwork is really simple, some gets a bit more complicated with change of directions, change of pace and different types of turns.

Static activities are things like, sit, down and stand. At the easy levels these are done in heel position and as the levels progress you might be asking for your dog to face you at a distance of 3m and ask for a stand.

Other activities might be to recall over a jump, retrieve an item, recall through distractions or have your dog moving into different positions around your body.

The focus of everything in Rally is that you and your dog are in sync. When you move, they move.

If you get serious about Rally and want to compete we can cover the competition rules too. Rally Competitions are held online or at locations throughout the UK by the Kennel Club approved societies from level 1 (easy) to Level 6 (hard).

Rally Obedience

Saturday 3pm

Westlodge, Westfield Road, Leasingham, NG34 8LZ