NEW! Puppy Training Online: The Best Way To Train A Puppy At Home From ONLY £7

For the new puppy owner who wants a happy, well trained and healthy puppy PLUS lots of fun!

At Home puppy training So You Can build an incredible bond with your new best friend

… even if you’ve never trained a puppy before!

You’ve no doubt got lots of questions about bringing home your new puppy…

  • How do we stop puppy biting?
  • What’s the best way to train a puppy to sleep?
  • HELP! My puppy just won’t STOP _____!
  • Should we crate train?
  • How do we socialise our new puppy?

You wouldn’t be the first puppy owner to be baffled and overwhelmed in those first few weeks, it can feel like having a new baby at home!  And as you all settle into your new family we know that a little guidance goes a long way.

Your PUPPY is looking for YOU to guide them through this weird human world.

In fact your puppy needs you to teach them everything they will ever learn from this point on! (So no pressure there then!)

how a puppy learns

Puppies learn by consequence.  In other words, your dog will “do something” and what happens IMMEDIATELY following that action decides whether your dog is likely to repeat that behaviour or not.

We believe fully in positive reinforcement and force-free training.  Everything in this course will build a willingness and desire for your puppy to learn.

Discover exactly how to


Understand the 3 consequences to any event in your puppies life so you can train anything.


Uncover 7 different types of rewards and how to find out which ones your puppy loves most.


How to teach your puppy to stay focused even when there are super exciting squirrels to chase.


Create an environment where your puppy feels safe and thrives on the structure and routine in their day.


Help your puppy to be confident in new situations so they can learn to love our human world.

puppy training online behind the scenes

And like I said…

You don’t need to have trained before to learn exactly how to teach the best puppy tricks and enjoy a happy puppy who loves their training sessions

Thousands of humans have been through our puppy training classes in person over the last 10 years and now we’re bringing that method to you in your home with puppy training online.

Not only that but we are including…

*these are recipes for the puppy not you! Your reward is a beautifully trained puppy!

The best part, this training programme has already been tried and tested by thousands of puppies.

My humans said they learned so much and are so much more confident now.


Lots of knowledge (that’s a human thing) and it was really informative and fun.


The team of humans are friendly and happy to help.


With Instant Access You'll...

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What Exactly Is In The Puppy Training Pack?

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  • Lifetime access to our Facebook community to ask all your questions and post videos of your puppy learning their new skills.
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