ONLINE PUPPY TRAINING: Start Puppy Training At Home From 8 Weeks

For the new puppy owner who wants a happy, well trained and healthy puppy PLUS lots of fun!

Online puppy training Gives you the perfect start BEFORE you begin your in person classes

… get started with puppy training at home before their second jab!

The best puppy training you can do is at a local force free class.  The big problem is that your puppy can’t begin those all important live training sessions until after their second jab.  So many new puppy owners spend those critical first few weeks with lots of questions and no answers!

You’ve no doubt got lots of questions about bringing home your new puppy…

  • How do we stop puppy biting?
  • What’s the best way to train a puppy to sleep?
  • HELP! My puppy just won’t STOP _____!
  • Should we crate train?
  • How do we socialise our new puppy?

Online Puppy Training Is The Answer...

You wouldn’t be the first puppy owner to be baffled and overwhelmed in those first few weeks!  And as you settle into your new family we know that a little guidance goes a long way.  That’s why we’ve put together this pre-puppy training course. Its designed to be done at home in those first few weeks before your puppy can go out into the big wide world.  

Quick Tip On Training A New Puppy:

Puppies learn by consequence.  In other words, your dog will “do something” and what happens IMMEDIATELY following that action decides whether your dog is likely to repeat that behaviour or not.

So reward all the behaviour you want more of! When it’s safe to do so, ignore the behaviour you don’t want to see and distract your puppy by asking for a behaviour you so want – like a sit.

We believe fully in positive reinforcement and force-free training.  Everything in this course will build a willingness and desire in your puppy to learn.

With This Puppy Training At Home Toolkit You'll Discover How To ...

A Quick Note On Socialisation Training A New Puppy...

This puppy is a little nervous of the scooter. The owner gives a slack lead so the puppy can move away if they choose and is dropping treats near the scooter to associate good things with the object.

Your PUPPY is looking for YOU to guide them through this weird human world.

Socialisation is all about introducing your puppy to new experiences in a way that helps them feel safe. Good experiences in the critical socialisation phase will set you up with a confident puppy for life. 

AND…You don’t need to have trained a new puppy before to learn exactly how to teach the best puppy tricks and enjoy a happy puppy who loves their training sessions… Thousands of humans have been through our training a new puppy classes in person over the last 10 years and now we’re bringing that method to you in your home with online puppy training.

Our puppy training at home Toolkit Includes:

*these are recipes for the puppy not you! Your reward is a beautifully trained puppy!

The best part, this training programme has already been tried and tested by thousands of puppies and is designed by a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor.

It's easy to get started Puppy Training At Home Today

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