On Lead Training Walks

All dogs over 12 weeks

£10 a session pay as you go
Fortnightly on Saturday or Sunday

Walking nicely on a lead is a really odd thing for dogs to do.

Nothing in their evolution has prepared them for being tethered to a person and so many dogs find it a difficult skill to learn. On-Lead Walking Group is a chance to train that skill.

All dogs are welcome whether they are learning to walk on a loose lead, being calm around other dogs or regularly bark at others on a walk.

You’ll work at a distance that is comfortable for your dog, controlling the level of distraction they are training too. All dogs are on lead at all times throughout the session so you’ll have as much space as you need.

If your dog’s behaviour on walks is causing you concern then you may wish to book a training assessment first.

Some dogs may need an assessment before joining the class.

This is especially true where you are seeing behaviours such as barking at other dogs or people, have chronic separation anxiety or resource guarding.

Dogs with a bite history must be assessed before deciding on the most suitable class, 1:1 training or behaviour referral for them.

We recommend that you have had your dog for at least 3 months prior to starting a group class. This is because dogs take time to adjust to new living arrangements and they need time to settle. We can arrange 1:1 sessions at home if you want to start on the right track before that point.

On Lead Training Walks

Saturdays 1pm
Sundays 11am

Booking required

Westlodge, Westfield Road, Leasingham, NG34 8LZ