How Much Sleep Does A Puppy Need?

How Much Sleep Does A Puppy Need? Puppies need between 18-20 hours of sleep a day and an adult dog needs around 16 hours of sleep a day. If they aren’t getting the required amount, they will be massively overtired.

If your puppy is showing these signs of tiredness they need settling off to bed with a lick or chew to help them calm. Chewing and licking releases endorphins which calms the dog down.  And if you think you are settling your dog down too often, you most likely aren’t!!


This is when your puppy races up and down the house. The reason a puppy portrays this behaviour when they are overtired is in order to stay awake, a puppy’s body will produce a lot of adrenaline which leads to excessive energy. This built-up excessive energy is then gotten rid of by racing around.

Excessive Thirst, Lip Licking and Panting:

When dogs are overtired, they are stressed, and stress causes excessive thirst hence why your dog may excessively drink. Lip licking and panting can be seen when a puppy is overstimulated or excited. Regardless of the reason for this reaction, your puppy needs to go to sleep for a little while to calm down.

Biting & Nibbling:

Biting is one of the most frequent signs that your puppy is overdue for a rest. Teaching your puppy teeth on skin is a big no now is crucial. Again, they need to be packed off to bed with something they can chew whether that be an antler, Kong, bone, etc. You may find your pup is also not listening or excessively jumping up at you.

Following You Around:

If your dog doesn’t normally follow you around the house, then it may be a sign of an overtired pup. They may follow you around as they don’t want to miss out anything going on.

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