Dog Training Sleaford

For all dogs over the age of 6 months

This 6 week course is £80 and run on a Thursday evening at 8pm or a Saturday morning at 11am.  Perfect for people who want to come to dog training Sleaford & surrounding areas. 

All dogs benefit from foundation training - not just the naughty ones!

Dog training can be started at any age, although we most commonly see older puppies and those in adolescents.  We also see a large number of rescued dogs, starting out on their new adventures in their new homes. 

The course is run over 6 weeks, the first week is a theory lesson followed by 5 practice weeks. Foundation dog training covers the basics cues, walking on a loose lead, coming back when called along with other aspects of being a good pet dog. We cover socialisation, taking articles away from your dog, food manners and stay along with life skills the dog will need such as body checks at the vets and muzzle training.  


Some dogs may need an assessment before joining the class.

This is especially true where you are seeing behaviours such as barking at other dogs or people, have chronic separation anxiety or resource guarding.

Dogs with a bite history must be assessed before deciding on the most suitable class, 1:1 training or behaviour referral for them.

We recommend that you have had your dog for at least 3 months prior to starting a group class. This is because dogs take time to adjust to new living arrangements and they need time to settle. We can arrange 1:1 sessions at home if you want to start on the right track before that point.

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and their training needs reflect that. The foundation training is designed to give you a first step towards having a training relationship with your dog and is based on positive reinforcement of the behaviours we want to see more of.

It is very difficult to teach a dog NOT to do something. So our foundation dog training is about teaching the dog what you want them to do instead. Based on the science of learning behaviour we do not use any adverse methods such as punishment or equipment designed to startle or hurt the dog in any way.

Over the 6 week course we will cover;

Each course has a maximum of 8 dogs in the session.  Your dog will get used to those around him / her and benefit from being calm around other dogs and people. If your dog struggles to settle in class we have a plan B, C and D so whatever level your dog can cope with is the level we will work at.

Dog Training Sleaford Classes Available

Thursday Evening 8pm
Saturday Morning 11am

Training Barn, Westfield Road, Leasingham, NG34 8LZ