Obedience Dog Training

For all dogs and well behaved handlers

Award based training for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme

Classes held Tuesday Mornings & Evenings, Wednesdays Evenings, Thursdays Mornings, Saturday Afternoons, Sunday Mornings

£15 per session pay as you go.

Obedience Dog Training

Good Citizen Award Dog Training

Obedience dog training for a good pet dog takes an average of two years.  The Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme is a fun way to build your dog’s training into everyday life.  Dogs who achieve the gold standard are the ones you see in the park happily trotting along next to their owner rather than chasing that squirrel! 

Our weekly classes are a mix of obedience work towards your next kennel club award and fun activities with your dog.  We might spend time learning new tricks, doing canine conditioning or have a taster session of one of the many dog sport activities.

For many people the weekly classes become a hobby for you and your dog. The rule is that all of life’s stress gets left at the barn door and you enjoy an hour a week with your dog. Just make sure that your dog can have a good sleep afterwards because they are often shattered! 

Dogs need a job to do and having tricks and training to practise throughout the week helps across all areas of their life. The dogs that stay on at training often have fewer behaviour problems because they understand that making good choices means rewards for them.


The Good Citizen Award is trained in class and assessed by an external examiner.  You’ll work through the levels from bronze to gold. All the awards are based on the training that has a real world purpose for a well trained pet dog.  The levels build on the one before and here’s a sample of the things you’ll train your dog to do throughout the sessions.

All levels encourage responsible dog ownership including understanding the legal requirements of owning a dog and how to care for your dog. All this is covered in the canine code which can be viewed in full here.

To join a Good Citizen class you will need to have passed the puppy or foundation training. If you’ve not trained with us before then we will ask that you book an assessment so we can choose the best class for you. Each class has a mix of dogs at various levels and it’s important we find a class that suits your dog. Many include classes where the dog has already been awarded their Gold Good Citizen and continue training purely for the joy of it.



Focusing on happy walks on lead, a dog that comes back when called and is happy to be handled as they might be during a visit to the vets.


Building on the bronze award it's time to make things a little more challenging with added distractions, extra playtime and some impulse control!


The highest award for dog and handler, this is an advanced training where new concepts used in everyday life are introduced.

Obedience Dog Training Classes

Tuesday Mornings & Evenings
Wednesdays Evenings
Thursdays Mornings
Saturday Afternoons
Sunday Mornings

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